Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A long and lazy Sunday

Lazy day. Alicia's BF spent the night, so they went out and got us brunch. Then we played Villainous after we ate, until his mom texted and guilted him into going home early to help her build something. Craig and I curled up on the couch after that to watch mindless movies (a rewatch of Edge of Tomorrow and then My Spy), and now I'm sprawled on the chaise of the new sectional, on my computer for the first time all day, trying to stay awake. I shouldn't. I should go to bed. It's not like I can't use the sleep. But tomorrow has a ton of errands that need to be done, including packages to be shipped and grocery shopping, not to mention finishing the laundry that I was lazy about today, and part of me wants to put it off by making today last as long as it can. Yes, I know that's silly logic. I mentioned I was tired, right, lol?

I've spent way too much money in the past two days. I renewed our SHN membership for 2021/22, since things are finally opening up again and live theater is coming back. I then went and purchased tickets for all of us to see Hamilton again in August before Alicia has to go back to DC for her last year of college. Then, I bought tickets for our local theatre company's production of Company that will be performing at the end of the month. Oh, and then Craig went out yesterday and bought a new TV to replace the one in the media/game room, along with a soundbar and speakers for a better sound experience. Those arrive on Wednesday. The goal is to spend more time up in the game/media room. We're not going to get the cable extended to the upstairs, so the family room will still be where we watch stuff on the DVR, but movies, streaming, and games will all be in the media room. It'll be even better once the kids go back to school because they won't be here to leave all their crap around. Alicia is notorious for burying the game table by never putting stuff away - which it is now since they didn't bother putting away all their Magic the Gathering stuff from last night - so I'm looking forward to losing that element. My house will be so much cleaner once they're gone. I'll miss them, but hey, I'm looking for bright spots in their absences as much as I can, lol.

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