Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I really need to not fall off the grid again

Well, hell, I fell off the grid again. I didn't mean to. But we went to Napa, and then I came home and felt like crap, and then things got busy, and...I fell off the grid. Let's try to get back on.

I sent for my college transcript and got it this week, so I could finally make an appointment with the nearby CSU for pre-admission counseling. I'm way too excited about going back to college and finally finishing my Bachelor's. It was a little rough seeing my transcript, though. I got all sad about having the visual reminder of what a downturn my life took after my abusive ex entered it.

But that's all done and gone, and this is about moving on. At this point, I need to decide if I want to do something completely online or something more hybrid with the occasional class on campus. Both Craig and my mom warned me about how I'll stand out, being an older student, which I typically hate. I'm the kind of person who prefers to blend into the background, so they have a point, but I'm not convinced it'll be so bad about classes. I'm not sure I'll have a problem with the occasional in-person class. It's not like I'm ashamed of my past or anything. And I'm not stupid so I'm not nervous about that aspect. And according to Alicia's boyfriend, it's not like I'm out of touch with young people right now, which I took as a compliment. Mobility might be an issue if I have to walk far, though. At least one of the majors that interests me (biological sciences with a forensic science concentration) requires a ton of time on campus. On the other hand, I can do criminal justice and sociology as hybrids. I was headed toward an English major before, but I'm not sure I'm flexible enough now to finish that. I have very definitive likes and dislikes, and I'm less willing to bullshit my way through literature and writing classes that bore/annoy/piss me off. I don't want to set myself up for failure from the start. If I choose to go completely online, the options I like are hospitality and tourism management with an emphasis on event planning (which I would be AMAZING at) and human development with a concentration in adult development and gerontology.

But like I said. We'll see. My appointment is in two weeks, and I'll have more answers then. Right now, I'll keep looking through courses and drooling about the possibilities.

In other news, our new couch arrived last night!

It's soft but still supportive, and oh so comfortable. That chaise section is my new workstation, lol. Oddly enough, I was sitting in it today with my laptop, playing online games with the kids, and had to keep fighting the urge to bail on them and write. I think my muse loves the chaise, lol.

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