Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Absolutely exhausted

Alicia wants to go to Disneyland. Apparently, they're only opening for California residents for the next couple months, at 25% capacity, and the fact that she will be fully vaccinated soon (she gets her second shot on Monday) has her wanting to get out a little. Plus the boyfriend really wants to go. We told her that if she wanted, we would drive to LA with her for a long weekend and just visit friends who have been vaccinated (that we haven't seen in 18 months), maybe do some shopping. But no way am I going to Disney yet. Not when it first opens after people haven't been able to go for a year. It will be insane, even at 25% capacity. They've had to create a queue system just for people to get tickets/reservations (because they're not doing anything at the door, you have to buy beforehand). Plus, too hot to be standing in lines. She didn't book anything yet, but I won't be surprised if she does.

Alex got his first shot yesterday and has had zero side effects. Another win. My baby sister, unfortunately, has not been so lucky. She's on her second day of low-grade fever and aches and is pretty miserable. Still better than Covid.

Work is work. It's been a little frustrating because the other aides aren't pulling their weight. We're supposed to be getting the library ready for reopening in ten days, which for us means making the stacks/shelves look good again. As of last Friday, there were only three more sections that needed to be done (and I'd done 75% of the sections that were finished). None of it happened this week. In fact, they're not even maintaining the finished sections, so now there's a fourth section that has to be redone completely. Craig is on my case for caring too much about a job that doesn't pay a whole lot, but damn it, it's not rocket science. I shouldn't be finding the stupid mistakes every single day. The same mistakes. Even when they've been told to be more careful. *headthunk*

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