Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

I've been lazy about posting this week, but I can at least get my Sunday 7 done.

1. Craig and I booked our anniversary getaway to Napa. Three days, a Sunday-Tuesday, with wine tastings and downtown shopping and a fireplace in our suite. It'll be bliss.

2. Alicia was elected President of the GW Bands for 2021-2022. I'm so proud of her. :)

3. I'm officially all vaccinated.

4. I had suggested to my manager since we lost a staff computer on Tuesday, leaving me with much less to do, that I work a mid-shift on Wednesday instead since that is a heavier day for us. She thought it was an excellent idea, even though it left one aide all alone on Tuesday. Well, when I went in on Wednesday, I discovered just how badly things had gone on Tuesday without my presence. The aide on Tuesday - lets call her Sloth Girl, which is not an exaggeration - was even slower than she is on days when we work together. The adult/teen librarian told me he thought I pushed Sloth Girl to work harder with my presence. That's just scary because I've always thought she was horrifically slow. But on top of that, my manager decided it wouldn't work at all without me there on Tuesdays. She fought with the safety people who'd taken away our extra computer until they figured out a way to give it back, thus providing me with a station so that my presence on Tuesdays is actually useful. I go back to my original schedule next week, which I'm okay with. It's kind of a nice little ego boost, plus there's the added bonus that they got to see for themselves just how useless Sloth Girl really is.

5. Getting caught up on the various blogs I follow, and I got to see some of Kelly Tran's promo work for "Raya and the Last Dragon", and let me tell you, she has never looked better.

6. The scale is still going in the right direction. Down.

7. I've had some random reviews on AO3 this week on older stories, and they've done wonders for my spirit.
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