Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

All vaccinated

I got my second vaccine shot yesterday morning. My mid-afternoon, I was really tired, but I pushed through and forced myself to stay up until 9pm. That's when I crashed and slept through until 9am this morning. That's a lot of sleep for me. I'm usually midnight to 7am. But I feel normal now, and my arm doesn't even hurt that much, so fingers crossed that was the worst of it.

One of the shows Craig and I watched last night in an attempt to keep me awake was Ozark. I've loved Jason Bateman since I was in junior high, and the show seemed right up our alley. We're three episodes in, and we're both really enjoying it so far. It doesn't have as much humor as I would like to counter the darkness, but it's definitely got its moments. Craig's only problem with it so far is that he sees Laura Linney and immediately thinks of her from The Truman Show. Especially in those first couple episodes. She got more of a backbone in the third, so hopefully, she will break away more for Craig to appreciate what a good actress she really is.

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