Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Taking a step forward

Last weekend, I rejoined Weight Watchers (WW). I did the online version with the access to all the livecoaching. What finally prompted me to buckle down? I got on the scale on Saturday and saw that the number was higher than it has been in a decade. It was my final straw.

It's been going well so far. I know this is all water weight this first week, but it helps to see the scale drop so dramatically. It's still 13 pounds over where I started covid lockdown at, but I'm confident I can get it off. I'm feeling extra motivated about it all.

In other news, Craig got his second shot today. Twelve hours later, he still doesn't have any side effects, so fingers crossed tomorrow is just as good. I'm so relieved he's fully vaccinated now. Since I get my second on Monday, we've been talking about what we want to do for our anniversary this year. It's on Memorial Day weekend this year, but I don't want to fly anywhere yet if I don't have to. That meant something drivable. We considered Vegas, but the show I really want to see isn't slated to reopen until August so I vetoed that. Reno was the next possibility, which would be great to see manoah since she'd be fully vaccinated by that point, too, but then Craig said he'd much prefer to go to Napa - only an hour drive from us - and spoil ourselves rotten. It's still almost two months off, so things might change, but it's looking like Napa will win. Sorry, manoah. I will figure out another way to come up to see you.

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