Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Good news about vaccinations

Good news today. The governor announced that the success of our vaccine rollout so far means that all adults 16 and over can get appointments for the vaccine starting April 15. Since Alicia was able to get her vaccination appointment on Monday, that means, fingers crossed, all of us can be fully vaccinated before May 1 if we can get Alex in soon enough.

We also had a town hall meeting at the library today regarding our reopening in a month. They had one of the county health professionals there to update us on everything covid related and to answer our questions, too. Dr. Tzvieli was pretty great, and the info we got was encouraging. Our county numbers have dropped significantly in the past six weeks, so much so that our R number is now less than 1 (finally!). He also confirmed what we all knew about transmission and helped alleviate fears regarding the vaccine's efficacy, as per the latest studies they've received. All in all, while it doesn't resolve my biggest issue with reopening (which has to do with them removing terminals and not safety concerns), it was all excellent information.

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