Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Even smart men have bad days

When it comes to Craig ranting about work issues, I tend to understand and agree with 95% of what bugs him. In those times, I'm supportive and commiserate. Today, he came out of his office, ranting about a problematic new team member, but from the way he told the story, Alicia and I agreed that maybe he had a tiny bit of the blame in this particular situation. We had to listen to him argue with us for almost 15 minutes before he disappeared into his office again. He wasn't mad, just frustrated, but later we both apologized to the other because I failed to recognize he just needed to vent and he realized that we were right in acknowledging he'd made a mistake, too. So all is well and good on that part.

But what made the entire situation hysterical was when he emerged from his office half an hour after his original rant. He had to run to Walgreens to pick up some prescriptions. I was in the process of gathering my stuff to take to work, so just waved at him as he walked out the door. A minute later, he came back in, yelling, "You and Alicia have failed me!" I thought something might've happened regarding the problematic employee and walked into the front room to ask what was wrong.

His response? "You and Alicia both failed to notice that I put my pants on inside out this morning."

For the record, they're black track pants. He finds them the most comfortable, sitting in his desk chair all day. And he didn't even realize they were on inside out until he tried to put his wallet in his pocket on the way to the car. But he still thought that Alicia and I should've noticed and said something about it, in spite of the fact that even when he knew, he didn't bother fixing them. "I'm just going to be sitting in the drive-thru anyway," was his justification.

They were still inside out when I came home from the library hours later.


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