Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

One down, one to go

First vaccine is done! Everything went smoothly. I was out for a whopping hour, and half of that was driving. I got the Pfizer and my second appointment is booked for April 5. Then on the way home, I picked up breakfast for the family. It was a good morning.

The only side effect I've had so far is my sore upper arm. I expected that. It's no worse than when I got my flu shot last fall, though, so some heat, maybe some acetaminophen, and I'll be okay. I'm not looking forward to sleeping tonight, though. I sleep on my side, switching back and forth during the night, and this is going to hurt to lay on which means disrupted sleep. Not that it isn't usually disrupted for other reasons, but it would be nice not to add something to the mix, lol.

Of course, now my sister and mom are talking about getting together this summer since everybody will be vaccinated. We're in wait and see mode. Though I will admit I'd love to be able to do it.

In fandom, did you see that signups have opened for Seasonal Spuffy? If you haven't already signed up, there are still plenty of spots open. And the world can always use more Spike and Buffy.

Question for artists: I have never dabbled in graphics like fic banners. I know nothing except what I like. I've been tempted to learn, though. How did you get started? Are there tutorials out there that help people who know nothing? Do I need to teach myself a graphics program first before even considering something like this? Inquiring minds would like to know. :)

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