Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Good news!

I got some good news this evening. California extended vaccine eligibility to library staff with occupational exposure to students. Considering our library is actually located *in* the high school that starts a hybrid model next week, we now qualify for the current tier of vaccinations.

The one problem with that is that there are no appointments anywhere around here. So I'll have to wait for something to open up. But it's nice to be currently eligible, that's for sure.

EDITED TO ADD: Half an hour after I posted, Craig and I got emails from our hospital provider to schedule our vaccines. It's got to be completely unrelated to the library eligibility since he's included, so we have no idea why we're being offered appointments, but we scheduled it anyway. So perhaps the best piece of news for today is that I get my first dose on Monday morning, woo hoo!

Another spot of brightness: I actually managed to finish the chapter on a WIP that I've been trying to finish for five months. I was just stuck on how it was going to work out, but I got an idea on Tuesday, and yesterday, I put down the final 1k to finish it up. The story only needs one more chapter, and I can set it aside to look at it in a month to edit before sending it to my publisher. It'll be the first new piece of fiction I've submitted in almost two years. I've been so busy getting the backlist out that new stuff has felt like an indulgence. But fingers crossed I don't have to wait two years for the next story to wend its way out of me.

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