Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Allergies suck

My allergies have been awful the past two days, compounded by the fact that both of my humidifiers broke over the past week. By 2 this afternoon, my head was pounding, in spite of my Flonase and Allegra, so I took some painkillers and laid down. Next thing I know, it's after 6 and Craig is nudging me awake, asking if I want him to order something for dinner. I feel better now, thank goodness, and new humidifiers are on the way so hopefully things won't be quite as bad for the rest of the week.

That meant my productivity was pretty much nonexistent today. Which sucks because I needed to get stuff done. But self care comes first, even when I'm reluctant to accept it. Which means I'm in online organizational stuff. Which needs to be done so at least it's something.

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