Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Our lone Chico

Well, it turns out we're going to hold off on getting another dog for now. Yesterday, we went into SF to meet Lulu, a sweet Rottweiler/pit mix from the same rescue we got Chico from last summer. They said she was incredibly sweet and gentle, and based on what they knew about Chico, would be a good addition to our home.

The first part was true. She was so friendly and sweet, coming right up to us for pets when we approached, standing patiently as we met her, nuzzling against us when she realized we'd brought a water bowl.

The second part about Chico, however, was not. As soon as she tried to sniff at Chico, Chico went after her. Craig had him on the leash, of course, but Lulu is part Rottie. She went right back at him to defend herself, and we had to pull them apart. This happened three times, at which we knew Chico wasn't secure enough to handle Lulu in our home. We're not sure why. He got along with Lucy just fine. Not once did he go after her. But Lucy was smaller, and Lulu, while weighing less, stood a couple inches taller than he did. Maybe he was intimidated. We don't know. All we know is that we're going to hire a dog specialist and see if this is something we can fix or if this is just how Chico is and will have to be a lone dog in the household.

It made me terribly sad for Lulu, though. She was absolutely darling and so deserves a good home. The fact that she's a big dog doesn't work in her favor. I can only hope that somebody eventually ignores that and meets her to see what a real sweetheart she really is.

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