Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

My little town has become famous the past couple days

It's been a dramatic few days in my town. Have you seen the news story about the school board that was caught on a hot mic, complaining about the parents? Well, that's my hometown. I personally know two of the board members who resigned. Oakley isn't that large - roughly 40k people - and the school board oversees seven elementary schools and two middle schools (the high school my kids went to is technically part of the neighboring town's school district in spite of being in Oakley; don't ask, it's a long story). And this drama has been consuming our community.

First of all, I don't condone what the school board said. However, it's not nearly as black and white as it seems. There has been a very vocal portion of the community that has been out for blood for anyone involved in the school system since we first went into lockdown almost a year ago. It's not unique to us. This is happening all over the country. But it's exploded since the vaccine rollout. They have been pushing lies, attacking anyone related to education, and devouring anyone who dares oppose them. They want students back in school, no matter what. Forget the fact that our district is severely underfunded, or that almost all classes are 35+ kids. They don't want a hybrid model. It's all or nothing for these people.

The entire board, minus the superintendent, resigned on Friday. As per the statutes, the county appoints temporary members - which they did, from the county board - but locals are PISSED. They want the superintendent to quit, too, and then they want to install the people they want without going through the application process. Which they can't, but they don't care about that. They don't realize that this incident has delayed opening even more. They are spending all their time calling Fox, bitching online, and making petitions that won't do anything.

Meanwhile, two of the most active parents I have ever known can pretty much say goodbye to any local volunteering for quite some time. They have been in a pressure cooker for a year, dealing with daily abuse from people who expect everything without giving anything in return. I know firsthand how parents in this community don't get involved. All they do is complain once they start getting inconvenienced. That babysitter comment? Not really that far off the mark for some people. Our last two elections for school board positions have seen people running unopposed because nobody wants to do it.

It's been exhausting to witness. Teachers I know who are working their asses off trying to make online learning work as much as they can are being called lazy or freeloaders or told that they hate the children. And in spite of the comments that were made, the board lost at least two good people who have spent the last fifteen years of their lives dedicated to volunteering and helping our schools and children. Why? Because my community has too many science deniers and selfish people who believe the world needs to run their way, regardless of rules or anybody else's wellbeing.

Sorry. I needed to vent.

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