Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A very good day

In spite of the dumpster fires Gina Carano and Joss Whedon are, my day turned out pretty good. First and foremost, my COVID test came back negative, woo hoo! I still have to quarantine for another day, but that's only because others are still waiting on their test results. I really don't think we have anything to worry about. And I'm VERY glad I don't have to work on Saturday when we reopen because there is going to be a tremendous backlog of work to be done.

I also finished the edits I was doing, but my eyes have gone all wonky and weird from staring at text for two days straight without much of a break. I'm likely to call it an early night because of that.

BUT, I will be sleeping wonderfully well here on the guest bed. I slept the whole night through last night. Without waking up once. And no aches and pains when I got up this morning. That normally doesn't happen. I had forgotten how much more I like our old mattress than the new one we got four years ago. So Craig and I have decided to swap it out with our mattress on Sunday. Frankly, we will both sleep better. Then, in a few years, we can look at getting a new one. Our problem is, we both like and feel better on mattresses that are very, very, very firm. Like...feels like a board firm. The one we have now was the firmest we could find at the time for what we were willing to spend, but it has just not held up well.

I also found out what the job entailed that I was called to interview for. In spite of the fact that I'd be making double what I do now, it required working the evening shift - 3:45-12:15 - as well as every other weekend at the regional health center. That's a hard no. I'm lucky that we don't need my paychecks, so I can be choosy about what I do on top of my writing and editing. Never seeing my husband and having to give up every other weekend doesn't even come close to qualifying.

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