Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

I'll take boring days any day of the week

A tiring day. We've rearranged responsibilities at the library, which means that I'm actually busier. That's a good thing in general, but it means I'm more tired when I leave until I get used to the heavier workload. Plus, with the storms we've been having the past two days, I'm braving elements when retrieving books from outside. I. Am. Tired.

Alicia and I have pretty much agreed the Super Bowl party probably isn't a great idea. She's going to see him a bit extra in the next few days, just the two of them, to make up for it. Her birthday is coming up in two weeks, too, so I'm wondering if we can't do something to include him then. She doesn't really want a party, but it doesn't have to be anything major. Unless it'll make him uncomfortable meeting us. I guess we'll see how things go over the next week.

But other than's been boring. I bought Wingspan on Steam recently and have been playing that to relax. The graphics are gorgeous and the music is soothing. I like the board game, so this was a no-brainer.

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