Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A teensy bit of room to breathe

The long galley is done! Thank god. It was not fun, to say the least. I still have another to do, but it's short. It'll be miles easier.

So...Alicia went on a date today. Apparently, her BFF talked her into signing up for Tinder in early December. She was on for five days, got overwhelmed, and deleted it. In that five days, however, she met someone who she's been chatting/Facetiming with ever since. Since our lockdown just got eased slightly, she asked if she could meet him for a coffee today since it was his day off. Of course, I said yes. She's had the hardest time of all of us the past nine months, and frankly, I trust her. But we had a storm come into the area yesterday, which meant today was windy, chilly, and raining. Their date ended up being at Target because they could both get a coffee, spend some time together in person, and not get frozen/soaked in the process.

It went well. He brought her flowers. And she really likes him, which makes me happy. I just like seeing her so smiley. The question is now about re-evaluating our bubble and what that looks like. He invited her to his dad's house for a Super Bowl party (he lives with his mom while he works and goes to college), and while she wants to go, there are a lot of variables at play. We're going to see how many people are exactly going to be at this thing before we say she can go. If it wasn't covid, of course she'd be going, there's no question there. But we have to be smart about this right now. She understands that our family unit is higher risk than others. And he very much appreciates that, which is nice. He asked mostly as a long shot. (Though he also offered to get a rapid test before meeting her today if that would make her feel better. That was a good sign.)

Anyway, this is all new territory for us. Alicia hasn't dated too much, and she hasn't had a serious boyfriend since she was a sophomore in high school. She's cautious by nature and ultra-focused on school and her future. We haven't discouraged that, but I'm glad that she's taking this risk. He seems like such a nice guy, and she deserves *something* positive amidst all the stress of lockdown and school.

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