Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Tension = exhaustion

This whole country is sitting on a powder keg. It feels like I can't even take a breath sometimes, I'm so worried about everything.

I walked into a situation when I showed up at the library this morning. Our library shares space with the high school's library. Since school started, they've been using the high school half as a day care for teacher's kids. There's never been more than three or four kids in there, and they stay on their side, so not a big deal. Well, apparently, the school decided to move them to a better space on campus, starting this morning. One of the girls is autistic and does not react to change well. She got very upset, but eventually left. The only people in our side were two people who had come in early to do some training.

Well, the girl's father came barging in and promptly got into our male librarian's face. Apparently, the school failed to tell the parents they were moving the kids, and he was absolutely furious. Our guy got the brunt of it because there was literally nobody else in the library, even though we had NOTHING to do with any of it. He didn't get hurt, but he felt threatened enough to contact the administration. When I came in, we were in a lockdown situation. We weren't allowed outside or near the windows because the admin wasn't sure what the teacher might do. They couldn't legally remove him from the property because he hadn't broken any union rules.

We stayed like that for about an hour before the administration said they felt safe and had it under control. On the other hand, they kept our doors locked and told us to be watchful.

I get the father's anger, but it was entirely misdirected at us. I hope when he calms down that he comes and apologizes. I didn't see him before I left, but he would've still been teaching at that point. I guess we'll see what happens.

It made for a pretty exhausting day, I'll be honest. Tension will do that to me, even if I'm otherwise okay.

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