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Snowflake Challenge #4

Challenge #4

In your own space, create some goals.

Goals. Who doesn't have them? The trick is to actually reach them. And how many of us suck at that?

But I'm going to try, just like I always try, because I'm guaranteed to fail if I don't at least put forth an effort. And nobody wants to be a guaranteed failure.

1. I have 5 fanfics - 1 in Merlin, 4 in BtVS - that are currently WIP. I AM going to finish at least one of them this year. I don't have high hopes for the Merlin or one of the BtVS ones (the Merlin fic is Merthur smut and really needs me to be in the mood, while the BtVS one is the one I had when I left the fandom years ago and I lost all of my notes/outline for), but one of the other three is very much doable. I'd like to say I'll finish all three of them, but that's setting me up for failure from the start. Small steps.

2. Track my writing. Having visual proof of my productivity spurs more. I know this for a fact.

3. Rec at least 1 new fic a week and post the rec(s) to LJ on Saturday. I want to give back to other fic writers in some way, and I really suck at leaving comments. My hope is that this accomplishes it.

4. Get the rest of my BtVS fics up on AO3. I've been reluctant to do it for various reasons. My first two make me cringe and I wasn't sure I wanted to share them so openly. But I'm going to put a note at the top of both of them, explaining they're my first and how much I've learned since then and hopefully they don't get judged that harshly. I'm also missing Black Satin Voices, Rhapsody in Oil, all of the Wanton World fics, Delicate, Promise of Frost, By Rook or By Crook, and Master Class. Those haven't gone up yet because either a) they're insanely long and it'll take me forever, or b) there's a bunch of crap code in it I need to clean up in order to make it pretty on AO3's platform. For at least two of those, it's both. But I'm going to suck it up this year and just do it.

1. Because I demolished my reading goal last year, I upped it from 55 to 60 books this year.

2. Reorganize my pantry. I've had the supplies to do it since before the holidays, but it's a day-long project and I haven't had a full day yet where I can get it done. I purchased a book last year after reviewing a library copy that's going to help me a lot with my reorganization goals this year, actually. It's called One Year to an Organized Life. It's geared quite a bit toward younger families, but I found enough good stuff in it that I can modify it to fit our lifestyles. It tackles a single room/area a month, with weekly projects. January is the kitchen. Week one was about getting a handle on time management, but that's never been my problem. I read week two today, so we'll see what the next step is.

3. Reorganize my craft supplies. I've been inspired by the project at work, and the book I mentioned in #2 will definitely help with that.

4. There's a cookbook challenge over at DW that somebody mentioned in their goals that I want to try. Basically, the goal is to try recipes already in your possession, either in your hand or bookmarked in a browser, at a rate that you can achieve. I can do one a week, I'm sure. I have a ton to select from. I'm not formally signed up for the challenge, mostly because I don't want to bother with DW after the snowflake challenge is over this year, but I'll keep track of it here.

5. Do the Breath - A 30 Day Yoga Journey with Adriene series to get back into the habit of doing yoga. It's so good for me when I do it.
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