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Well, I'm here. Thanks so much to angstchic for letting people know that I arrived safely. I don't have internet access yet at home and won't until after June 3. In the meantime, I'll be going into Craig's office in the evenings to catch up on e-mail and such. Right now, we're at our friend Mark's house, waiting for his fiancee to arrive to go out for dinner, and Mark has been wonderful enough for me to snag his laptop to read my e-mail quickly. I'm going to say I won't be updating any fiction until after Moonlight Rising as uploading off of Craig's computer in his office is quite a hassle since I'll have to transfer way too many files. If something happens sooner, then you can consider it a nice surprise. ;)

Our flight was late leaving, even later arriving, and a headache all around. We arrived so late that we were scrambling to get to the property management office in time in order to sign the lease. It ended up happening, though, so we narrowly missed having to stay at a hotel for the weekend. In our rush to make it, we managed to forget one of our suitcases at the airport. We called and it is being held in Baggage Services waiting for us to pick it up, but Craig and I haven't had an opportunity to go get it yet during a time when they're actually open.

Craig and I managed to stay up last night until almost 11pm, which is 7am UK time, and then slept in this morning until 6am, so we think our jet lag will be minimal this time around. I don't think my body clock is too screwed up yet, but the true test will be tomorrow morning.

The boxes and suitcases we did manage to remember are now all unpacked, and I've bought some of the smaller bits and pieces I knew we were going to need already. Today has been spent:

- Car shopping for 3 hours, only to have Craig to decide to wait until next weekend for Memorial Day sales
- Appliance shopping for 2 hours, and I now have a washer and dryer that will be delivered on Monday
- Cleaning the townhouse from top to bottom before we unpacked everything this morning
- Going to Target and buying more of the house stuff we needed to replace
- Getting utilities, cable, and internet organized

Tomorrow's schedule includes Ikea and furniture rental places. There's a lot we need to do (including getting driver's licenses sorted, the kids' nursery, and other various items), but most of that can't happen on the weekend. So, I'll be attacking those starting Monday. I'm quite relieved the kids aren't around for all this as I don't think I could handle both them and all these arrangements. I'm probably going to be way too busy over the next few weeks to miss them too much. Hopefully.

Oh, and word of advice? Don't trust vacant signs on airplane bathrooms. Knock first. Even if you're sure no one's in there. Because accidentally walking in on a guy getting himself off was all it took to keep my butt glued to my seat for the rest of my flight. At least the guy was kind of cute, although to be honest, when I recall those incredibly vivid few seconds before I kind of squeaked "Oh, I'm so sorry! It said it was vacant!", I don't actually remember the guy's face.

I haven't answered anyone's e-mails yet, but I will be doing that tomorrow. Craig and I will be going into his office for a little bit so that I can get caught up on stuff. Thank you to everyone for all your well wishes; as busy as I am, knowing everyone is so understanding about my hectic schedule makes it all that much easier. :)

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