Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A terrible day

It has been a terrible day.

I woke up at 6am with a migraine and spent the next half hour dry heaving in the bathroom from the nausea. I took something to try and help the pain, then laid in bed in the dark in hopes of it abating. I managed to fall asleep, but the phone woke me up at 8:45.

It was the vet. Bruiser declined overnight. He wasn't going to make it, so we needed to schedule a time to come in and say goodbye.

Because it was so early and because we've had abnormally cold weather the past couple days, it wasn't possible to do it outside so all of us could be there like they'd originally said. Craig ended up driving me and Alicia to be there for Bruiser. We got to spend a good half hour cuddling and petting him before it was time. Tons of crying. On top of my nausea and headache, and the fact that dry heaving had my face swollen and my skin splotchy from all the blood vessels bursting, it left me feeling thoroughly awful.

I managed to nap a little and even eat something as the day progressed. My head still doesn't feel great, but the nausea is gone. My eyes are really swollen and tender, too. I got nothing done today, though at least I was able to call off of going into the library.

This is the first pet Alicia has ever lost, and it's been over thirty years since I've had to deal with a pet's death, so it's been a rough one emotionally. Bruiser was such a part of our family, it's hard to imagine him not being here. I'm just glad he got to know that he was loved all the way to the end.

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