Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Baking has commenced

Baking has commenced! I got a late start, though. Alicia gave me an early Christmas party with an kit, and while I won't do the DNA part of it until later, we logged on together so I could help her build out our family tree a bit. Three hours later...

However, I did manage to get two batches of brownies, a tray of raspberry bars, and a batch of cherry rum balls completed. Tomorrow, I'm starting with orange creamsicle cookies, making more brownies, then moving on to ginger molasses, brown sugar shortbread, and pistachio and dark chocolate chip cookies. I want to get all the gift baking done for Tuesday so I can take Christmas gifts into work. We're only open two days the week of Christmas, so I want to make sure everybody gets their gift. That means hitting them this week.

Craig and I watched a movie on Amazon Prime tonight called "Absolutely Anything" with Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale. I'd never heard of it, but it's a few years old because Robin Williams does a voiceover in it. It's about a man who gets granted the power to do absolutely anything by aliens as a test to see if mankind is worthy of not being killed off. It's light fare, but I'll admit, I laughed out loud really hard more than a couple times. Always in Simon Pegg scenes. Some of the set-up scenes with Kate Beckinsale drag the film down, and it's pretty predictable, but it was exactly what I needed after a long day.

Today's meme question: What’s your favorite holiday cookie? (Post the recipe?)

Ginger cookies. Hands down. And this ginger molasses cookie has been my go-to for the past seven years. It's spicy and chewy and just screams Christmas for me. I highly recommend it.

13 What is something you’ve done that no one would expect of you?
14 If 2021 could see you moving to another city, where would you go?
15 What’s the best thing to do on a snowy day?
16 Are there any foods you are allergic to?
17 What was the biggest change in your life in 2020?
18 What is your favorite local restaurant where you live? What type of food, atmosphere, and prices does this place have?
19 Have you ever been told you look like someone famous?
20 What TV game show would you be really good at?
21 At the solstice, as the light begins to return, what would you like to see increase in your life over the next few months?
22 Are you a “peeker” about gifts, or do you prefer to be surprised?
23 Do you think you will be making any New Year’s resolutions in January?
24 Do you prefer to receive money/gift cards or an actual gift?
25 If you could receive a $1000 gift card from any store, which would you choose?
26 It’s Thank You Note Day/Boxing Day. Do you write hand-written thank-you notes or do you thank people for gifts in some other way?
27 No matter what holidays you do (or do not) celebrate, do you have a good recipe for leftovers? Post it!
28 Do you usually make a special effort to thank someone who does you a favor? How do you react when you aren't thanked for going out of your way for someone?
29 Would you rather your life have a rewind button or a pause button?
30 If you could change one bad habit you have, what would it be?
31 Do you prefer beginnings or endings?

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