Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

Let's try a Sunday 7, shall we?

1. Last Tuesday, I was checking in books at the library when I came across "What We Owe to Each Other" by T.M. Scanlon. For those not familiar with it, it's a modern philosophy book. I flip through books to check condition and remove anything that's left behind in it, but when I did that for this book, I discovered that someone had written on the title page. They wrote in all block letters, "Eleanor - Find Chidi." I smiled and laughed for a solid minute, but then I went to my manager. We have a policy to remove books that have been written in, but this was the only thing in it and I pleaded my case for keeping it in the collection. The reference is a Good Place reference, in a book that was important to the show, and it brought me a lot of joy. I wanted other Good Place fans to discover the same joy I did by leaving it in the collection. Luckily, she let me shelve it.

2. Alicia and her recognition for all her hard work yesterday. She's grown up so much. I'm so proud of her.

3. There's a book that shows you how to crochet the Golden Girls. It makes me smile, but I haven't decided if it's fantastic or creepy, lol.

4. I bought my new favorite sweatshirt for Christmas this year: Santa riding a unicorn in sequins. I'm totally in love with this and can't wait to wear it.

5. This amazing artwork of Tom Hopper by @valentinagomziakova. It's stunning and makes me want to watch Black Sails all over again.

6. Posting at Seasonal Spuffy. It's been a LONG time since I finished a Spuffy fic, and I'm pleased with how it turned out. It makes me want to do more.

7. The vast majority of Trump's cases have been thrown out of court. How can I not be happy about that?
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