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Day 3

Well, Craig survived bodily harm yesterday. From me. Because of his constant schedule shuffling and not telling me information and then expecting me to know. But all is worked out in the end, even to our advantage, so he lives to pack another day. :)

The container arrives this afternoon and our house will be empty of everything but what we're taking on the plane as of this evening. It's hard to believe that in 48 hours I'll be waiting to board my flight at Heathrow, but there it is.

I know today and tomorrow are going to be days of mourning for Angel fans. Part of me is kind of glad I have the move to distract me from thinking about it. I won't even get to watch the finale until after I receive my tape from angstchic which probably won't be until next week. I hope everyone makes it through the next two days without too much pain.

I managed to finally finish up all my reading for LLGA, so I just have to wait on scores from people now. I do love this part of the process. Getting to see who wins is always the most fun. It's interesting because quite often, the winners are ones that most universally liked by the judges, but might not necessarily be their highest scored. Different things work for different people, and having an array of judges on the panel means that it's very difficult to play favorites. That's a good thing, I suppose, except sometimes I wonder if they get annoyed if their favorite story doesn't win.

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