Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Can the election be over now, please?

The kids and I finished our ballots so Alex and I could drop them off at City Hall this afternoon. The best part? Having to wait to get to the drop box because of two young people ahead of me dropping off their own ballots. It gives me a hope.

But that might be the only thing that does right now. While I had no doubts about Barrett getting confirmed, it's still sickening to witness and leaves me fearful about the next couple weeks. Craig asked me tonight what I had planned for election night. Frankly, my plans had consisted of completely ignoring any news and then waking up the next morning to see what happened. That seemed like the best way to avoid even worse anxiety about it all. He wants to listen to one of his podcasts as they livestream that night. He listens to quite a few political and legal ones, but I just don't think I'll have the stomach for it.

I really want Biden to win by a landslide so the issue of the courts doesn't even come up.

Today's meme question: If your heart were damaged beyond repair, but you could regain your health for a few more years by getting a heart transplant from a genetically engineered pig, would you?
Why the hell not?!? Science is a good thing. If science said it was viable and it would give me more time with the people I love, hell yes I'd do it.

27 What is your favorite question to ask people?
28 What stage play is your favorite?
29 For $100,000 (or equivalent in your currency) would you put on 40 pounds/18 kg and keep it on for 3 years? How much money, if any, would induce you to put on 100 pounds/45 kg for at least a year?
30 If you were president/prime minister/supreme leader etc. of your country, what is the first thing you would do?
31 What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

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