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Don't engage

I got home from work today and spent far too much time on Amazon, shopping with Prime Day. I did manage to pick up some Christmas gifts, though, and it was relaxing, so I can't say it was a waste. And hopefully it'll save time later in the season.

I got into it this morning on FB with a Republican on a high school's friend post. She's an independent and is livid about Barrett's nomination. He started getting in her face about who she'd pick instead (he's another high school person but we were never friends; I've always thought he was kind of a jerk), so I posted to show solidarity. Basically, I pointed out Barrett's problematic votes/opinions (did you know that she ruled against a workplace discrimination case because, according to her, a supervisor saying the n-word does not create a hostile environment?). So the jerk came after me and tried to get me to say who I'd pick. I kept it neutral, saying it wasn't my job to vet potential nominees, only to research them after our elected officials did the nominating. He then tried to turn it around and said I'd disapprove of all of their choices. I should've left it there, but I didn't. I pointed out that that wasn't necessarily true, that it would depend on their record, and certain issues were dealbreakers for me, i.e. refusal to recognize systemic racism and acknowledge equal rights for ALL citizens. He then got all pissy and called me part of the problem because all I offered were opinions and no solutions.


The ignorance is astounding. I should've known better. He wasn't smart in high school, so why should I think he has any critical thinking skills now, especially since he's voting for Trump again? But I had thought by keeping it civil and focusing on her record rather than her religion, without mentioning a single Republican or the process or anything like that, he just might listen. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Today's question: What is something you've never done but would like to try to do? Why don't you? How am I supposed to limit this to a single thing?!? Well, I'm not. I'm picking five.

1) I'd love to learn how to create pottery. The only thing that's stopping that is COVID since nobody is doing anything like that around here right now.
2) I'd love to have rainbow hair, but that would require bleaching my already fine, fragile hair, and nope, can't do it.
3) I'd love to do a boudoir shoot, but Craig has zero interest in having the pictures. (According to him, what's the point of pictures when he has the real thing, lol?)
4) I've always wanted to create a cookbook club, where we pick a monthly cookbook then have a get-together at the end of the month where everybody brings a dish they made from it, but that has to wait until after Covid, too.
5) I've always wanted to learn how to swing dance, but Craig doesn't want to do it and I'm not sure my hips would survive.

14 What is something you've tried but would never do again?
15 If, without being detected, you could spy electronically for the next month and watch anyone, anywhere, anytime like a fly on a wall, would you? If so, who would you watch and how closely? If not, why not?
16 If it were the only way you could remain with the love of your life, would you be willing for both of you to wake up tomorrow as native speakers of an unfamiliar language, knowing that within a week, you'd permanently forget the language(s) you now speak and largely be cut off from your friends and culture? If so, what new language would you want to speak and why?
17 If a movie were being made of your life, which actor would play the starring role?
18 Write the words that you need to hear today.
19 If you had to be obsessed with money, sex, sports, religion or food, which one would you choose?
20 What do you love most about yourself?
21 Ignoring all financial considerations, would you rather spend the next 5 years confined to an urban mecca (e.g. New York City, London, etc) or a beautiful, isolated coastal town somewhere?
22 How would you react if you learned that a sad and beautiful poem that touched you deeply had been written by a computer?
23 What is a character trait you despise in others, but you know you also have that same trait?
24 What is the most serious law you've broken doing something you thought was morally right, wouldn't hurt anyone, or was no one's business but yours? How bad would the punishment have been if you'd been caught and given the maximum sentence?
25 If you were on a jury, would you be willing to convict a person for something you didn't think should be considered a crime?
26 If your heart were damaged beyond repair, but you could regain your health for a few more years by getting a heart transplant from a genetically engineered pig, would you?
27 What is your favorite question to ask people?
28 What stage play is your favorite?
29 For $100,000 (or equivalent in your currency) would you put on 40 pounds/18 kg and keep it on for 3 years? How much money, if any, would induce you to put on 100 pounds/45 kg for at least a year?
30 If you were president/prime minister/supreme leader etc. of your country, what is the first thing you would do?
31 What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

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