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First day down...

Well, here it is, 4:45pm, and the movers have already left for the day. It seems that Sigrid did better than she anticipated in preparing for them as the only two rooms that need to be done are our bedroom and the office, with just a few bits and pieces here and there remaining to be wrapped/boxed. And the container to ship the stuff in doesn't arrive until Wednesday afternoon, so they should have a relatively short day tomorrow as well. It was kind of funny as we showed them around the house this morning, saying, "Oh, you don't need to worry about that," and "Oh, I already cleared out the airing cupboard so nothing to do there," and "Oh, there's only 2 boxes left in the loft and those are already packed." I'm pretty sure the fact that we had so much done already for them was half the reason they were so darn nice to me all day. ;)

Of course, I'm absolutely shattered and just want to crawl into my bed and sleep until next Tuesday, but oh well. So, I'm taking an LJ break instead, and doing some reading while Craig and I decompress from the day. I considered writing for about two seconds, but there's no way I could concentrate enough in order to make it any good. And besides, I still have a dozen or so stories to read for this round at LLGA. At least I don't have to cook. My kitchen is completely packed so we'll be living on takeout for the next week. There is, however, laundry still to do. About 5 more loads, but at least that gives me an excuse to stay home. Craig wanted to go out to dinner, but as grungy as I feel and as tired as I am, the last thing I want is to be in public at the moment.

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