Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

A blah week, but it ended better than it started.

1. I got a new laptop yesterday! Well, I ordered a new laptop yesterday. Mine has been dying a slow death the last year, and Craig was feeling particularly flush. We had to get Alicia a new laptop anyway, so Craig said what the hell to me doing it to. It's the new Mac Airbook in rose gold, and it should be here tomorrow. It'll be so nice to have a battery that actually works and not to have to reboot every other hour.

2. We also (finally) got our new garage refrigerator ordered yesterday. We have wanted to replace the 35 year-old fridge we've got out there with a new one for ages, but we agreed we wanted just a fridge, not anything with a freezer. There's not a lot out there that are full-size. We'd found one for 2k back in February, then in March, discovered Best Buy had a $700 version. We were just about to order it when the shut-down happened, and we couldn't get it if Best Buy wasn't going to take away the old one. Well, now they are, so we bought it yesterday and it gets delivered on Tuesday.

3. I am in love with this Spike print. I'm trying to figure out where I would put it if I bought it.

4. Rewatching Buffy. Even if we've now finished Tabula Rasa and I'm about to get to all the depressing stuff.

5. I'm seriously debating buying the LEGO Elf Club House to build on having a LEGO-style Christmas village. We got the gingerbread house last year, and if other people can have their own versions of a Christmas village, I figure I'm allowed to have my geek version.

6. The news about Trump's tax returns. While it's hardly anything new for those of us who believed it all along and I have no hope that his supporters will see it as the bad thing it is, it's a relief for it to finally be out there.

7. I treated myself and bought a single mystery box from Introverts Retreat, a subscription box featuring books from female authors with added bonuses. I've been researching subscription boxes for the family - I've decided I'm going to give people one this year for Christmas - and I saw this and couldn't resist. I'll let you know if it's any good.
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