Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

2020 can bite the big one

I was actually going to post about our good news this morning - we finalized the adoption for Chico!

But then the news about RBG hit while I was at work. I was the first to find out because a friend texted me. When I told the rest of the staff, our children's librarian burst into tears and the YA/adult librarian started swearing up a blue streak because he thinks Trump is going to use this to steal the election.

So I went out to Target tonight and bought happiness again in the form of squeak toys for Chico, Stranger Things socks, pumpkin cheesecake cookies, and vodka.

Thank you, RBG, for everything you did for us. And I pray that the fallout isn't as disastrous as it feels like right now.

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