Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

A hodgepodge of stuff

I've decided that I have zero reason not to get my house the exact way I want, especially since we're going to be in it so much. I've been lazy about a lot of organizational stuff, and I have a ton of pictures that have never been put, not to mention all the wasted space. So I'm going to tackle it room by room to make it more manageable. First up? The front formal area. That needs the least amount of work, so I won't get discouraged. Because after that, I'm tackling my bedroom and that one is going to be huge.

I was really busy at the library today, so much so that my Garmin announced just before I went on break that I'd already hit my week's goal of vigorous activity. Which was surprising because today was the first day I've been able to wear it again since the chafing I got in my sleep. Then, I'd doubled that by the time I left. I'm not arguing, but it wiped me out. I ended up crashing for a two-hour nap after I ate lunch. Apparently, I needed the sleep.

Today, the city council of my small(ish) town announced that we are going to be a site for a new Amazon fulfillment center. It's almost done, so much so that they're taking employment applications already. I'm actually excited about it. The location is right off the highway so we won't have to worry about the trucks going through town and screwing up our traffic patterns, as well as tucked away far enough from residential areas so it won't pull down property values. Even better, it's 2000 new jobs for our area. We don't get a ton of opportunities this far away from the Bay, especially on the side of Mount Diablo. Our area can really use this.

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