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Fanfic title meme

I've been drinking wine, so I'm just going to meme. Fanfic meme.

But I'm going with the 20 most recent of what's up at A03, in spite of the fact that I've written a few other Merlin pieces since then.

The Magic of Destiny
A Different Kind of Magic
Picking Up the Sword
Leave My Heart at the Door
Let's Get Personal
Simple and Grand
New Kid
In Return
Sharing the Same Truth
Like a Song
Count Me In
Never Rush a Miracle
Portable Magic
Take a Chance
Shocks of a Scant Summer
To Suffer Dreams
Your Familiar
From the Ashes
An Elf in Wonderland

Look at your most recent 20 fanwork titles and answer the questions.

1. How many are you happy with?
Honestly? I'd say there are 6 titles there that I really love.

2. How many are... not great?
There are 7 that I find a bit pedantic and predictable.

3. How many did you scramble for at the last minute?
10. Which is half. But a big reason for that is that most of these were written for Camelot Drabble, so they're short ficlets that I don't title until I'm done.

4. How many did you know before you started writing/creating, or near the beginning?
8. Most of the longer fics, though a couple of the short ones, too. And the only BtVS title on there.

5. How many are quotes from songs or poems?
1. "Like a Song." The Etta James song, "At Last," is pivotal to the story and its theme, so I chose that lyric specifically. (Technically, "Untied" is a quote, too, from "Beautiful Girl" by George Harrison, but since that's only a single word, I'm not counting it.)

6. How many are other quotes?
1. "Never Rush a Miracle." How could I write a fic celebrating Princess Bride without quoting it somehow?

7. Which best reflects the plot of the story/content of the fanwork?
A lot of the ones that I find pedantic do that. Which is why I find them a bit pedantic. They're too on the nose.

8. Which best reflects the theme of the story/fanwork?
I'm partial to "Untied." It's about Oz cutting his last tie to Sunnydale before leaving and breaks my heart.

9. Which best reflects the character voice of the story/POV of the fanwork?
This one's tough. Maybe "Leave My Heart at the Door." I loves me some stoic, suffering Percival.

10. Which is your favorite?
I have two: "Portable Magic" because it encompasses so much of the story for me and how much I love Clyde Logan, and "Shocks of a Scant Summer," mostly because I love the alliteration and it's more poetic than most of the others.
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