Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

There's been too much sadness the past couple days in the news. I've cried two different times about Chadwick Boseman. Let's try and find happier things.

1. A librarian trolled Boris Johnson when he gave an address to the country's children about going back to school. Seriously. I love this librarian.

2. I took part in a writing sprint today where I actually managed to get 1300+ words written for one of my Buffyverse Bingo prompts. It's the first real writing I've done in over a month.

3. Alex and I went to our game store yesterday to pick up a few games I'd bought online. Then, when we were there, I saw two expansions for Red Dragon Inn that I don't already own in the clearance section. Bonus games!

4. I bought a Disney rainbow Mickey denim jacket that arrived this week. It's so cute!

5. This picture of Chico climbing into Craig's lap while Craig's in the recliner is pretty much indicative of what a love bug he really is:

6. Our band president shared this video of Chicago's South Shore Drill Team that is just amazing to watch. It makes me miss band, which I never thought I'd say.

7. Cobra Kai showed up on Netflix on Friday, which means I can finally watch it. I've seen the first two episodes (because I could watch them for free when it first came out), but the rest will have to wait until this week (since Alicia starts school and won't be around to watch stuff with me - she has zero desire to see this).
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