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One week to go

A week from today, I'll be on a plane to California. Kind of hard to believe at this point, considering the ups and down of the past 8 months. Now, I just have to live through this next week. ;)

I've been out for most of today because this morning was the sitting with the photographer from last weekend's shoot to choose what pictures we wanted. You want to know what's sad? After all my bitching and moaning about how awful I looked in the pictures (and I still stand by it for the vast majority of them), I still managed to spend over 500 pounds on pictures. Of course, 200 of that was gifts for grandparents and the like, and then of the remaining 8 pictures, I'm not in 4 of them and one of the remaining 4 was the group shot of everyone I couldn't get away from. So, out of 77 pictures taken, I was satisfied enough with only 3 of them. Really. Though I do have to say there was a close shot of just me and Craig that I just love. And a shot of Alex and Craig (my two men!) that is going on my nightstand.

Tomorrow is my trip into London for the JM audience. I won't be home until late as I'm meeting up with i_digress_uk afterward, but hopefully I'll be able to post some on Sunday about what happened. I sent in a question to ask (they're pre-screening/selecting questions for the Q&A), and part of me is terrified that it'll get picked to be asked. It's really kind of lame (I suggested asking about his opinion on arts education for younger children, considering his experiences at Juilliard), but I get tired of hearing the same old things all the time and I'm not nearly creative or funny enough to come up with something that would be appropriate. I just hope the cold that I have isn't worse tomorrow. I don't want to be sniffling or coughing through the whole thing.

I'm still going to try and get one more Legions chapter posted before I go. I'm not sure how it's going to go or not, considering the next few days. At least it's a plot chapter next; those are always quicker to write. Of course, concentrating on it would be a lot easier if Shroud would just stop distracting me, stupid next fic...

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