Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7 - The Chico Edition

This week's Sunday 7 will all be about our new addition - Chico!

1. This is Chico.

2. He did beautifully with Lucy at the park. Basically, when he realized she wouldn't play with him, he promptly ignored her which works out just fine for our purposes.

3. We introduced him to the backyard first today. He loves squeaky toys and playing fetch. He burned a lot of nervous energy off before we ever got him into the house.

4. Surprisingly, we haven't had an incident with him and the cat Bruiser yet. Bruiser wants to be downstairs, and Chico wants Bruiser to be his friend, but Bruiser isn't ready for that yet.

5. Chico loves belly rubs and fell asleep on me after dinner.

6. Then, it was Alicia's turn for a cuddle.

7. He fell asleep again at my feet later.

I promise not to inundate my LJ with pics of Chico. I just couldn't resist this first Sunday. He's out for a late walk with Craig right now - our air quality cleared as the evening progressed so we felt it was finally good enough outside for him to go for a longer walk. I couldn't be happier. :)
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