Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

It's been too long since I did this.

1. Craig had me watch a TED talk by James Veitch, a Brit who responds to spam emails. It was so damn funny I went and watched the rest of his videos as well. Well worth the time.

2. I finished organizing all my books today, woo hoo!

3. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Who knew back when it premiered and I couldn't keep Fitz and Simmons straight that I'd love this show much in the end? I actually enjoyed it more the more bonkers it got. And the way this season ended? Daisy and Souza riding off into the star system, all happy and healthy? Makes my little shipper heart go pitter-pat with happiness.

4. My new Garmin fitness tracker arrived today and is currently charging and all synced up to my phone for me to start using tomorrow. I'm hoping it's going to help. It certainly can't hurt.

5. Kamala Harris getting the VP nomination. She was my first pic for the presidential nomination way back when, though she'd dropped out by the time it got to our primary. I can't wait to see her eviscerate Trump and Pence.

6. Chocolate chip cookie dough. Just because.

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