Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Books, glorious books

Today was a day of organizing. Books. My books. My unread books. The piles that I needed to sort and catalogue - well, scratch that, it started with the BAGS that I'd used to carry them all upstairs. There were nine of them in total, varying in size, but once I had them sorted into their respective categories (I have five for my TBR shelves - nonfiction, non-romance/non-MMP fiction, trade romance, MMP romance, and MMP everything else), I had almost 200 books to catalogue.

But before I could do that, I had to go through my database to clear out a few titles. Because apparently, I let it slide long enough that I inadvertently got duplicates of a few titles as well as books that weren't the first in a series I haven't already read. I'm not falling for that "oops, this is book 4" crap again.

Then, it's making sure they're in the database, cross-referencing them with my wishlist so I don't inadvertently still have them on there. A couple years ago, I'd pulled out all the books by my favorite authors with the idea that I'd read them sooner, but that hasn't been the case so I had to reincorporate those back into my main groups. Once I was done with a category, I had to rearrange what I had in storage to include the new ones (at the end, since I always refill by TBR barristers from the oldest books first).

I'm still not done. I have about 50 books left to do. They're all non-romance/non-MMP fiction, and I have to find another place to store them because I don't have anymore room with the rest.

Clearly, I have too many books. My database says I have 899 on my TBR pile. But that's just physical books. My Kindle has almost another 300, I'm pretty sure.

I might have a slight problem. ;)

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