Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

This is the first night all week I'm awake past 11pm

Three days working in a row, and my body is feeling it. It's funny what constant movement and being on your feet for four hours will do to you when you're not used to it.

Alicia is officially home for the fall semester now. Relieved doesn't even begin to cover how I feel. Because she's going to be home and won't start for a few more weeks, we're going to do an Umbrella Academy watch (rewatch for me, she hasn't seen it), in anticipation of season 2 dropping tomorrow. I won't be able to get through it very quickly, though. Saturday, I have a 7am endoscopy/colonoscopy scheduled (routine stuff since I turned 50 last year), then 2pm tech for the show. Then it's all tech rehearsals every evening until Thursday when we go live. If anyone is curious, performances are free. All you have to do is register to watch on one of the days.

Working this week has put me behind. I've only managed to do one fic for Camelot Drabble, and it's the first of a longer piece so I'm annoyed I haven't had the mental energy to work on it. I haven't touched my Buffyverse Bingo stuff in almost two weeks. And original fiction? What's that? I did a ton of little things watching TV tonight, but I have a galley to work on, along with all the rehearsals in my free time in the coming week. I really need my energy levels to even out so I can come up with a regular schedule again.

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