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What I'm Reading Wednesday


I finally finished Drift. I got bored with the last third. There's only so much corruption I can take, and I'm angry enough about the current state of American politics.


I'm not sure why I bought A Perfect Grave by Rick Mofina almost three years ago when it's the third book in a series. I don't do that. The only thing I can think is that the series information has been added, but who knows? Anyway, this is the second title of his that I've tried, and I've come to the conclusion that he's just not for me. I find his writing too pedantic and his characters too unlikeable to even get to a point in the plot where I might be hooked. At least, now I know.


1. Wrong to Need You by Alisha Rai: This is the second in a series, and it's proving just as good as the first one, albeit in different ways. I'm a fan of the way Rai writes, especially since she's not afraid of diversity. The hero is just as hot as the guy on the cover.

2. The Saints of the Lost and Found by T.M. Causey: This is a southern gothic paranormal murder mystery featuring a woman who has the ability to see lost things, physical or not. I have to admit, I've almost given up on this a few times. The heroine starts out the book on the run after failing to help the FBI find the bodies of missing girls who'd been taken by a serial killer. She suffered a public seizure that burned her out, then lied about losing her ability in order to escape. She runs home because her grifter father - who has the capability of knowing how people will die - says that her beloved older brother will die if she doesn't come home. Then, however, she has to come face to face with her childhood sweetheart that she'd run from, a vet suffering from PTSD who never knew the extent of her ability until recently. It's all very convoluted, and there are passages and passages that just go on ad infinitum about the how painful it is for the heroine to be around everyone. It completely overwhelms most of the story. I was just about to give it up for good when it stopped long enough for me to need to know how it ends. Then, of course, it started up again. So we'll see. I'll finish it this week, but I doubt I'm going to enjoy it that much.

3. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern: Just started. No opinion yet.

4. All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister: It's about the rise of the American single woman demographic, with a brief foray into history to give it a foundation. Part of me is reading this because Alicia keeps saying she has zero desire for marriage and I was hoping to get some insight. It's not that I think women have to be married. Not at all. I was just a little surprised that someone who thrives on touch and close relationships like she does has automatically negated it as a possibility for herself. It's not like she's had a bad role model with my marriage. But...anyway, that's part of why I picked up the book. The other part was all the glowing reviews.
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