Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Good and the bad

The odds that Alicia will be staying home for the fall semester rose drastically today as her university announced they're doing 100% online learning for undergraduates. They're only allowing students to live on campus if they have extenuating circumstances. However, because she's an RA, she might be obligated to commit to returning if they need her. We're going to have more answers in the next day or two, hopefully. And of course, she *just* bought her ticket for her flight yesterday. We'll get a refund if she gets to stay home, but it's still annoying that this news literally came down within 24 hours of her finally biting the bullet and getting the ticket.

I can't say that I'm unhappy. In fact, I'm terribly relieved. I've been terrified for several days, refusing to even talk to her about her plane ticket, because the whole situation of her flying across the country in this climate scared me so much. I know that she's relieved, too, that odds are she's staying now. She misses her friends, but she really didn't want to go back.

I woke up to publishing news that was frustrating. A few months, a writer I co-wrote three stories with said he wanted to get our rights back since the publisher was proving unreliable. I agreed. We split them up to send to other houses, and all was good. The only thing that wasn't right away was the audiobook for one of the titles. But he had an ACX (Audible) account, and I trust him, so he was going to set it up.

Well, on Friday, he emailed me to let me know that ACX was insisting that it be under both our accounts. So I had to create an account, then email them separately with my information, what I wanted, and a copy of our rights reversion letter. I included the information from the CS person who'd told us what to do, including his name. My co-author contacted them again, too.

This morning, we both got an email stating there were two problems with our request. One, an audiobook could only be under one accounts, and two, the original rights holder needed to contact them to let them know it was okay. Really?!? After specifically telling us we needed both accounts?!? AND having our rights reversion letter stating the story was ours???

My co-author contacted the publisher for us, who agreed to reach out to ACX, though they had already done so way back in February when this all started. I'm just boggled at how idiotic and contradictory it all is. It's so damn frustrating.

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