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Recipe for long naps

2 warm, sun-tired children
1 slightly under the weather mommy
1 "Wizard of Oz" DVD that automatically repeats when it's done
1 blanket

1. Start DVD.
2. Stretch mommy out in corner of sectional couch.
3. Lay children down so that one is stretched out on mommy down one length of the couch, and the other is stretched down the other.
4. Cover all 3 with blanket.
5. Close eyes.
6. Wake up almost 3 hours later to find both children still out for the count.


Of course, I lost most of my afternoon, but my rationale is that I wouldn't have slept that much if I didn't need to. And I did manage to get two of the four boxes we're taking with us on the plane packed up while the kids were playing outside earlier. So stuff still got accomplished.

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