Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

An easy week...

1. My co-workers surprised me on Thursday with belated cupcakes from the same baker who did my birthday cake. I might've cried a little.

2. Alex got his AP scores back on 4 of his tests. He got 5s in Environmental Science and Statistics, a 4 in Physics, and a 3 in Government. He just has to find out about Economics, now.

3. A cousin wrote an amazingly wonderful post to me on Facebook for my birthday that made me cry. He makes me sound so much more than I am, lol.

4. Our grapes are coming in on our grapevine!

5. Naps! I got two of them this week, because going back to work when you've been off for four months is exhausting even when it's part-time.

6. Craig had a doctor's appointment on Friday that turned out better than he expected. Yes, his weight is up because we've been eating crap lately, but his other numbers were good and his doctor is happy. Which means I'm happy.

7. Our schools came to their senses and switched to full distance learning when they start up in a few weeks. Hopefully, that will help get things under control again because things are damn scary in California right now.
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