Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

No news is no news

Still no results. Apparently, testing has gotten very messy here in California, with it taking twice as long (and sometimes longer) to get anything back, tests going missing, and more. However, I feel completely normal, or as normal as I did before. I have the same symptoms - the digestive issues and the ovarian pain - but I have my annual appointment with my gyno tomorrow, and I'm going to bring it all up then. Especially the ovarian pain part. I need to find out what's causing it and get it taken care of.

I woke up to some really good news, though. My manager at the library contacted all the aides to let us know that she's been given permission to bring us back, starting next week. It's only for two potential shifts - one opening and one closing - but it's an ideal situation. We still only have front door service, so there's next to no contact with the public (and none at all if I'm not the one to have to take the books outside), and I'll only be working with 3 or 4 people at a time, all of whom I adore. It's a win/win. Well, if she lets me come back. If I haven't gotten results back by Monday, I'm going to let her know. However, I'm also going to tell her I've been self-quarantining for two weeks and haven't even left my house except to go take the covid test eight days ago, so it will have been two weeks in isolation if she wants me to work on Tuesday. I'm hoping that will be good enough, because I truly don't think I have it.

I talked to a friend today who had called to ask if I wanted to make plans for my birthday next week. I told her what I'd been going through for the past ten days, and she admitted she couldn't have done it. She leaves her house at least once a day and is way too much of an extrovert to have cut herself off from people 21-22 hours a day like I've done. I told her she wasn't giving herself enough credit. If she suspected she was sick, there is no way she'd risk putting her husband or kids in danger. None. She is too much of a mama bear.

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