Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Chaos reigns

Still no results. I called after lunch today to confirm, even. Last week, the person who did the test said 3 days. The woman I spoke to today said it was 5-7. So...we'll see. *headthunk*

Meanwhile, everybody in town is going nuts over the various announcements made tonight regarding the upcoming school year. Surveys were sent out to parents asking for their input, and the two school districts met tonight. See, we butt up against another town and our school districts overlap. Our high school is actually part of the neighboring town's district, while all the elementary schools are in ours. Well. The boards made different decisions. In our town, they decided to go with 100% distance learning, for a variety of reasons (rising numbers, teachers feeling unsafe). In the neighboring town, they went with a hybrid model (divvying the school in half by last name to alternate days, with the rest of it being distance learning).

So it's entirely possible for one child to be 100% at home and a high schooler to go to school.

Nobody's happy about this. I'm very glad I don't have to worry about it any longer. I would've been thrilled at the 100% distance learning choice (and they're offering that to the high schoolers if they want it, but they have to enroll at the independent high school in order to do it) because I work from home anyway and I don't think it's safe. But this isn't going to be easy for parents who both work outside the home and use school as a way to mitigate childcare costs. It's all one big clusterfuck.

Oh, and I have bingo cards! I'm going to post them here in hopes it spurs me to actually do it this time.

Sex Toys BtVS 4x03: The Harsh Light of Day Destiny Hitchhiker Flowers
Dawn Running on Empty Cabin Perfect Anonymous
Fog Airport FREE SPACE Bottle Uniforms
Exploration BtVS 2x17: Passion Giving Thanks Fall from Grace Fate
Group Support BtVS 4x19: New Moon Rising BtVS 3x19: Choices Morning Delight Starlight

1x02: Valiant Paths of Glory bodyswap Bad Moon Rising 3x04: Gwaine
poisoning au: historical Freya romantic holiday gift giving
homesickness wine Lady and the Tramp secret admirer body image issues
major illness fever/delirium making out camping Without You
scars 4x04: Aithusa wedding sex toys broken bones

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