Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Weird stuff about me

Somebody on FB was talking about weird phobias which sparked a whole interesting thread about some of the stuff that bugs us that others think is normal or stuff we do that we think nobody else does. Some of it I thought was completely normal, but to each his own.

What are some of my weird things? I don't mind sharing. It's the weird stuff that makes us human. :)

1. I can't walk on anything that looks like it covers a hole in the ground. That includes manholes, basement doors, grates, and so on. I will literally step off a curb to avoid them. My kids mocked me for years, and then Alicia went off to college and met a boy who does the exact same thing. So now she just thinks we're both weird, lol.

2. I can't have anything over my face. Not a blanket. Not water, whether it's in the pool or in the shower. When I wash my face, I deliberately use a cloth that's smaller so it only could cover part of my face if it had to. It's my fear of being smothered, I think. I've had nightmares about it since I was small.

3. I can't be in a room when knives are being sharpened. The sound makes my teeth hurt and gives me chills. That's also why I can't scrape frost off the car. Those are official Craig jobs. Well, the knife thing is. We haven't had to scrape a car very much since moving to California in 2004.

4. I remove eggs from the carton from opposite ends first (one from the left, one from the right, back to one from the left, and so on), gradually working my way to the middle. It's to keep the package balanced so it doesn't bend and eggs get broken. I'll even move eggs around to redistribute the weight if I discover someone else has taken them out differently.

5. I always sleep with my left foot outside of the blankets. Even if it's freezing. I will thrust it out if it gets covered. I've always called it my cooling fin.

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