Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The humdrum of habits

I was stupid today. I've been caffeine-free for a while, but I had soda in the house for the kids and had a can at lunchtime (because it sounded *really* good). An hour later, I was stretched out, reading a galley, and my hands start shaking and my heart starts racing. My head immediately went to a bad place, but then common sense kicked in. Gee, that's what caffeine does. It's been so long that caffeine affected me that way that I'd forgotten. Oops.

But otherwise, life has been boring around here. Everybody's working during the day, we hit the pool after dinner, then everybody becomes a slug and either plays games or watches TV until it's time for bed. Tomorrow won't be much better except that I have to run to the grocery store in the morning.

Stay safe, people!

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