Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Been a day

It's been a day.

We woke up this morning to find water in the garage because our 11 y/o water heater decided to start leaking. Of course, the warranty was for 10 years. Craig turned off the water and then got some quotes and timelines to get a new one. Our usual guy is taking time off so he gave us a referral that we ended up using. His estimate was $200 more than Home Depot's, but we trust our plumber and like to support small business if we can. It was still $2500 we weren't planning on spending, though.

We ended up getting lunch and dinner in, partially because of the work getting done, partially because I felt like such total crap all day. That time of the month. Lucky me. Blech. I insisted on black cherry ice cream for dessert, too. Screw my scale today. I needed the comfort food.

Tomorrow should be better. Alex is officially done with school, though they've changed all the graduation stuff again. Our curfews have been lifted, but we can't have larger gatherings under the new covid guidelines. The school has decided to do drive-thru graduations next week now. All those people who were complaining about not being able to see their kids before? Are NOW bitching that this isn't good enough either because only the student will be allowed to leave the car. Even though the kids will only be a few feet away, they'll get to see and hear everything as well as take pictures, and professional photos are getting done. I swear there's no pleasing these people. Their sense of entitlement is through the roof.

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