Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Adventures outside

Alex and I had errands to run this afternoon. Beginning with driving the 20 minutes to my game store and picking up the expansion to Quacks (the game we're all obsessed with right now). Though the pieces are really hearty cardboard, because there's so much handling of them, they are already showing wear so I looked around at BoardGameGeek to see what other people do about it. Someone printed their own 3d plastic pieces and sold them for around $50. I was very tempted to do that, since more than half the serious players said that's what they'd done, but then I discovered that others had simply bought coin covers for the pieces over at Etsy. So I took a wander over there and found an American seller who had created plastic covers specifically for the game. I could get covers for the base at a decent price, but if we ever bought the expansion, I'd have to buy more. He had a deal that if you bought both the base and the expansion, you'd save $5, so I went for it. Then I got on my store's online site and bought the expansion, lol.

The hard part is waiting for the covers to get here, though. Alex opened the game in the car and read about all the new rules, and it just sounds like sooooo much fun. But I've put my foot down that we can't play until we protect the pieces, so probably not until this weekend.

Then, we had to the high school to pick up his cap and gown. We got it without any problems this time around, thankfully. But after that, we went off to Starbucks, because Craig texted while we were out that he wanted one. The problem with that is that the drive-thru line (because they still can't open inside) is INSANE now. It was bad before shelter-in-place, but it's easily a 20-30 minute wait now, from the time you get in the line to getting up to the window to pay. We got stuck at the window for another 5 minutes, but the cashier was chatty and I got the down low on what happened in the retail area last night.

In one word? Nada. The police kept everybody away. Which is a good thing.

However, our 8pm curfew, with businesses ordered to close at 5pm, is in place until at least June 8. Poor Lucy won't be getting any walks any time soon because it's just too hot (100F+) until after 8pm at the earliest.

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