Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Trying to find the good on this Monday

I just...can't with current events in the US right now. I've heard too much ignorance today, witnessed too much misinformation being spread. We had peaceful protests in town last night, and our police chief knelt with the protesters. But today, social media exploded with threats from other parts of the Bay Area that our area was going to be hit next. So shops shut early and the police are out in full force. I haven't been able to find any news that anything has actually happened, though. I'm glad for that. But seriously, the paranoia and blame that's going around...I'm not leaving my house any time soon. I had nightmares last night that both of my kids got shot. I don't want more.

As something good, though, the music and guard awards were announced tonight. Alex won one of the two scholarships awarded by the band boosters! He was really lazy about applying for scholarships in general, but I made sure he put in the application for this one. I'm proud of him. His essay was very honest about what performing was like starting out for him and what it turned into. It could've been easy to dismiss him as not being committed to the program, even though it turns into something so much more for him. I'm so glad they could see him like I do.
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