Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

Sunday 7

With so many idiots out this holiday weekend, pretty much guaranteeing a huge uptick in cases and deaths in two weeks, I need happy smiley things more than ever.

1. This video of Lucille Ball, Lucy Arnaz, and Ginger Rogers dancing with "Single Ladies" dubbed over it. It's perfectly done.

2. I got a mask to wear at the library when we re-open:

3. The announcement that Skittles is giving up its rainbow for Pride month. I might have teared up.

4. We went cherry picking again on Friday. Craig and I ordered a 5' tree to put in our backyard as our anniversary gift to ourselves.

5. Speaking of fruit trees, our apricot has been ripe and delicious all week.

6. The weather has been warming up, so we've spent the last three afternoons in the pool. It's great exercise and a ton of fun, but nobody wants to cook dinner when we get out which means ordering food. Last night we got our favorite Indian. Tonight it was our favorite Chinese. We really need to get into the pool later in the day, lol.

7. The kids and I played Talisman online with my surrogate daughter in Texas. She's there all on her own since her Marine husband got sent to Florida for training. Plus, she's a nurse in an oncology ward on top of everything that's going on right now, so it was good for all of us to spend that 5 hours hanging out and having fun.

Oh! And a bonus 8 because technically this could've been on last Sunday's. teragramm made me the Adam Driver icon I've got on this post!
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