Eurydice (eurydice72) wrote,

The tiredness is the worst...

I woke up with a headache this morning, but I only had to take a single dose of painkillers to combat it and another didn't come on through the day. That's a win. What's harder to deal with the lack of caffeine is yawning like crazy at 8pm. I usually go upstairs to bed around 10:30pm, read and work in my brainstorming journal for an hour, then fall asleep around 11:30, to wake up around 7:30 in the morning (most days). Last night, I made it to 11, but barely, and now here it is, 9:45, and I'm doing everything I can not to go up as soon as I'm done with this post.

Writing-wise, it was a bust for me today. I hit a stumbling block on a scene two days ago and couldn't figure out how to fix it. The answer came to me in a flash this afternoon, but I didn't have the time left to get it out. I'll try it in the morning and hopefully it'll all work out.

However, I did have a wonderful idea about something to do for upcoming Seasonal Spuffy sessions, and I'm more than a little excited about it. So something good came from creative impulses today.

Damn it. I zoned out there in between paragraphs and now it's 10:10. That doesn't count as sleeping, right? I just need to make it a little bit longer...

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