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Say "Cheese"...not

Family pictures were this morning.

Is there anyone who enjoys having their picture taken? After an hour of smiling, I have newfound respect for the celebs who do the photo shoots for hundreds of fans. And they usually look good on top of it.

I was actually kind of looking forward to them when it started. Alex was loving the camera, and we got some wonderful shots of him in the beginning. Plus, my hair did exactly what I wanted this morning, and the black top I love so much looks good again, so I wasn't hating how I looked. Until afterward.

See, the top in question is v-necked, as I have a short neck. And I'm the shorty in the family, so for most of the pics, I'm placed on blocks to even me out in the balance. So, I took extra pains to make sure I was sitting up straight when it was called for. Good posture is good for you, right?

It also makes your breasts look like Kilimanjaro. Of course, part of that might've been the push-up bra's fault, too.

I'm not looking forward to seeing the rest of the digital proofs. Alicia wouldn't settle for most of them, and if there's one where she's actually smiling, I'll be shocked. Alex got bored of the whole thing after about 15 minutes. Except we were there for an hour. And in light of holding the most unphotogenic award ever, I'm foregoing any more pictures until I get to target.

At least this is good for the diet resolve.

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